Here Is How Carrie Can Help You Get Ahead In Your Personal And Professional Life:

At the end of the day we all want to feel happy and fulfilled. So why don’t we?

Sometimes life can be exhausting.  We have so many day-to-day obligations to attend to and occasionally, life delivers particularly challenging hardships such as divorce, the loss of a job, sudden chronic illness, or the loss of a loved one.

Underneath our daily circumstances, however, we have deep rooted aspirations that one day we will get that “big break” – that one day we will get that long anticipated promotion, or be able to purchase our dream home, or earn enough money to travel annually, or meet our life partner.

What I have discovered is that happiness is not dependent on any of this. Happiness is dependent on our mindset– on what we think, feel, and do. Research shows that when we actively adopt optimistic, confident, resilient mindsets we align ourselves to truly flourish in all aspects of life.

I’m here to help you be happier, to alleviate stress and create a life filled with joy, meaning, and purpose.

I believe that all professionals who aspire for lasting well-being, confidence and success must learn about their psychology and practice the strategies that enable positivity every day – no matter what barriers stand in the way.

How can you do this without dedicating extensive amounts of time and effort to become a certified psychology expert? Instead of committing ten years of your life digging through psychology based research articles like I have, and trying techniques that have not been rigorously tested by psychologists and researchers, I have arranged my research into simple digestible pieces of information where you could immediately apply these strategies into your daily life.

And the best part? As a practicing artist and teacher, I not only take the latest research and creatively compile it into practical, actionable techniques that you can use to reduce anxiety and create higher levels of well-being, I teach positive psychology in innovative, authentic, fun! and meaningful ways.

But don’t just take my word for it.

“Carrie presented in a creative way that was both thought-provoking and fun. With her positive, high-energy demeanor, she was able to turn a group of wary middle school teachers around. They came in quiet and unsure of what to expect- and by the end, there was active participation, many smiles, and constructive ideas to take home. Carrie created a meaningful experience for everyone that attended!”  – Maura Lawson, Special Education Teacher, Julia A. Stark School

I want you to find that confidence.  I want you to make your difference.



Carrie’s Story:

My journey as a social artist (aka: a person who seeks to enhance human capacities in the light of social complexity) really began when I was a young girl.

As a child I remember being very interested in the variety of personalities that I encountered (which I can now can see as the psychologist in me).

I would inquire from a space of curiosity, non-judgment, empathy and compassion as to why some people acted one way while others acted differently.  I remember feeling particularly drawn to people who appeared to be struggling.  It was confusing to me and felt unbelievably unfair that while some people seemed to be wonderfully happy, others were suffering.  I didn’t only want to help those individuals overcome their sadness; I wanted to help them feel their absolute best.

When I enrolled in college I chose to double major in dance and fine art.  Engaging in creative exploration I quickly discovered the freedom derived from fully expressing oneself.  I also began to learn how the arts can serve as a vehicle for transferring emotion and consequently, how that dynamic can positively impact others.

During this time period, participating in the arts served as a true gift to me because while I was passionate about what I was studying, in my personal life I was suffering from severe social anxiety.  My anxiety became so debilitating that on many occasions I would actually skip class for fear of having to interact with people.

Through the process of making art I was able to see that on a subconscious level, for years, I had been constructing beliefs about myself related to all the ways in which I felt I wasn’t measuring up – not being pretty enough, not being smart enough, not being talented enough, not being worthy enough, being too this, being too that. I had created a brilliantly crafted story in my mind that easily could have been titled, “All the Ways in which Carrie is Not Good Enough.”

In time, I found my way out of my head and I began to see from a new perspective.  From this new vantage point, instead of identifying with my thoughts I became the observer of my thoughts.  That simple transition marked the beginning of my life’s transformation.

From that moment on I saw myself on a quest to understand, and to construct solutions for underlying themes that continued to arise in my life:  What is it about our thinking that makes us feel separated, and connected?  What is it that sustains our happiness?  What makes life worth living?  What do we all need to know in order to create a real revolution?

Because engaging in the art world was so fulfilling to me, the next professional step seemed obvious:  I would become an art teacher to share my passion for art with others.  I earned my MST in Art Education from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

It wasn’t long after beginning my teaching career that I discovered a field of science that would change my life forever.  Positive psychology, by definition, is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive.

I had stumbled upon a body of work that not only addressed all of my long considered questions; it supported its findings with rigorous research.  I have been studying the science of wellbeing ever since and graduated with a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) hosted through The Flourishing Center and the New York Open Center.

Considering my artistic/academic background and deep-rooted desire for all of us to live as our highest selves, it is no surprise my work has culminated in the way in which it has today.  It is my life’s mission, goal, and privilege to interweave the science of human flourishing with the arts, in an experiential way, to bring people to a place that we all most want to be: deeply connected with what really matters, filled with joy, motivated to make positive change and armed with the tools and strategies to make that change a reality.



Carrie’s Professional Biography:

Carrie A. Bell, MST, CAPP is an applied positive psychology consultant, speaker, seminar leader, artist and teacher who has facilitated hundreds of people towards greater flourishing in their personal and professional lives. Her undergraduate work is in Dance and Fine Art. She earned her Master of Science for Teachers in Art Education from the Rochester Institute of Technology. In 2014, Carrie received her Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) hosted through The Flourishing Center and the New York Open Center.

Carrie is a passionate leader who is committed to adding value to people’s lives by teaching positive psychology in creative, authentic, fun! and meaningful ways.



About Positive Psychology:

Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning that focuses on how we thrive, whether in our personal or professional lives.  Consequently, Positive Psychology has been recognized by Time Magazine as the “single most important breakthrough in the effort to tap human potential and help people cope with modern day stress and day-to-day challenges.”

Positive Psychology studies a broad range of areas including values, motivation, goals, well-being, strengths, optimism, emotional intelligence and resilience.

The benefits of Positive Psychology have been identified for individuals and organizations and include:

– More creative thinking
– Increased resilience to pressure and stress
– Better problem solving
– Improved relations with others
– Superior performance and productivity
– Reduced burnout and absence
– Increased satisfaction with work

Because of these benefits, the findings from Positive Psychology have huge implications for individuals, as well as the organizations they work for.