“Personally, Carrie is perhaps one of the most positive, friendly, and altogether lovely people I have ever encountered; she literally “sparkles” in conversation. As a professional in the art world, someone who has mentored/taught more than a few aspiring teachers, I can say without any exaggeration that Carrie would bring exactly the type of creativity, energy, intelligence, and commitment to her work that a progressive organization values!”
Alicia Chase, PhD – Art Historian/Professor
SUNY Brockport

“Establishing and maintaining a positive school climate is essential to promoting student success, healthy relationships, and an environment where people feel socially, emotionally, and physically safe. Carrie Bell’s presentation, “On Living Your Best Life In And Outside Of The Workplace”, to our whole staff embodied exactly what we were looking for when we planned our day of professional development to focus on positive climate at our school. Her presentation was extremely well-received, even to those who had previously experienced it. The positive energy in the room was contagious!”
Karyn Perchard, Phd – School Psychologist
Stamford Public Schools, Turn Of River Middle School

“I thank Carrie for working with the TOR staff members. The feedback was excellent. Her preparedness and passion for the topic helped engage our staff. We hope to capitalize on many of the ideas she brought forward as we begin the process of defining our school culture and climate.”
Brendan Fox – Principal
Stamford Public Schools, Turn of River Middle School

“Carrie presented in a creative way that was both thought-provoking and fun. With her positive, high-energy demeanor, she was able to turn a group of wary middle school teachers around. They came in quiet and unsure of what to expect- and by the end, there was active participation, many smiles, and constructive ideas to take home. Carrie created a meaningful experience for everyone that attended!”
Maura Lawson – Special Education Teacher
Stamford Public Schools, Julia A. Stark Elementary School

“I thank Carrie so much for presenting to our staff! I really enjoyed her presentation from start to finish. Her personal stories and positive thinking totally engaged me. I would recommend Carrie to any company who may be seeking an inspiring message. I know she will motivate many!!”
Nicole Faubel – Third Grade Teacher
Stamford Public Schools, Julia A. Stark Elementary School

“Carrie Bell stood out to me from the moment I met her. She had a very easy demeanor in conversation, but more importantly she had a natural rapport with our students. Her lesson ideas came from a place more meaningful than just surface exploration of material. She wanted students to deal with both global and personal issues, while also working hard on technique. This is the mark of the best kind of teacher in my eyes – the one who opens their students’ eyes to their inner and outer world while also helping them grow as artists.

Because of all the aforementioned qualities, I recommend Carrie Bell to you without hesitation.”
Todd Stahl – High School Art Teacher
Webster Public Schools

“It has been a great pleasure working with Carrie. She is a caring and kind person, a talented artist and a very capable teacher. She consistently met the high expectations and benchmarks of all of my classes. Her friendly personality and outstanding professionalism is also noteworthy. She was greatly respected by the other faculty and her classmates at RIT because of her strong interpersonal skills and overall enthusiasm. She is articulate, smart, caring and has a great sense of humor. These talents, skills and attributes qualify her to teach at any level.”
Lauren Maines Ramich – Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology

“As a student in my painting classes, Carrie was determined and hard-working, always willing to push herself beyond the limits of what she already knew. Carrie is an upbeat and positive young woman, who displays a great curiosity and enthusiasm for the processes of teaching and learning. I am sure Carrie would bring that same sense of curiosity and enthusiasm into any teaching position she were to commit to. She is intelligent, open-minded and flexible, and also a warm and caring individual with excellent interpersonal skills.”
Sara Di Donato – Professor
SUNY Brockport

“I was fortunate enough to work with Carrie Bell at James P.B Duffy School in Rochester, NY. To surmise my enlightening and pleasant professional experiences with Carrie, I would congratulate any community that would be lucky enough to work with this exceptionally talented individual. Her dedication to both the visual and performance arts has made her a hardworking, genuine and highly respectable human being. Miss Bell would ask nothing of her clients that she would not do herself, she realistically sets learning objectives that enhance both the skills and characters of those she teaches.”

Rene Klem – Larocca, Elementary Art Teacher

Rochester City School District